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Apart from liner connections we also organise conferences, receptions, banquets and attending to trainings connected with sea cruises al well as attractive programme of sightseeing on Bornholm.The vessel can also be chartered for any voyage in the Baltic. km, 150 km of coastal line and 40 km distance between furthest capes. The island is a dream place for cyclists who want an active holiday.

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The vessel JANTAR sails all year in passenger traffic between the Polish port of Kołobrzeg and the Danish port of Nexo on the Danish island of Bornholm.

Modern equipment ensures comfort and safety in all conditions.

The oversized glass tubes of the algae system vie with an impressive green wall, and when I first arrived, late in the evening, the unlit space glowed eerily like a futuristic film set.

It's too early to predict how the Bright Green Island strategy will work out, but other initiatives, many focused on tourism, are being introduced.

They do their best so that unforgettable memories would make them come back.

Holiday makers are offered comfortable hostels, camp sites, holiday cottages and beautiful hotels.The cliff-hewn western coastline, with its stretches of lovely sandy beach, is dotted with hotels, campsites and other holiday accommodation, as well as the kind of small, photogenic, one-time fishing villages that make for alpha-level tourist honeypots.As I make my way round by bus I'm able to experience the island in all its glory.Both the day of today and modern technology go hand in hand with mysterious past enchanted in the remains of the past.While roaming the island you must visit one of the numerous craft shops and traditional fish smoke houses to try local delicacy being smoked herring.Bornholm is a place where nature and culture join in harmony. The most precious are white, Roman, rotunda-shaped churches dating back to the 12th century, the only ones in Scandinavia, and the biggest stronghold in Northern Europe, the ruins of the Hammershus Castle and a maritime fortress on the stony island of Christianso located about 18 km off the coast of Bornholm.