Single hop lager

It cuts to the heart of what a single malt and single hop tastes like, and also saves you time and money.

Most home brewers, myself included, when starting to design their own recipes trend towards the extremely complex.

I have recently started toying with SMa SH recipes.

Single hop lager-11

Obviously SMa SH can be extended to include more than one malt or hop addition, though it is no longer SMa SH at this point.However, the concepts of simplicity and limited ingredients still apply.In my first batch I did as well 3 different malts, 2 type of hops with 3 hop additions and 4 (! :)) This is what I always pay attention when talking with beginers.For beginers I go even further and recomend – single hop, single malt and single temperature mashing without rising to mashout.Here are some SMa SH recipes from our Beer Smith sharing site: I encourage you to try making a few batches using SMa SH.

It is a great way to gain a true understanding of what a single malt or single hop does to the flavor of your beer, and the philosophy of simplicity is a good one to apply to home brewing in general.

They simply cannot afford to maintain a large stock of dozens of ingredients – they have to be able to create a variety of beers with a limited set of ingredients.

Yet they make award winning beers from a small stock.

For example, most of the BJCP beer styles can be made with only two malts – one base malt and one specialty malt.

The key here is to focus on the minimum needed to achieve your objective.

So a single hop addition, or perhaps one for bitterness and one for aroma would be bettter.