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De spectaculis (On the games) Christians shouldn't take part - not as spectators anyway. Apologetische, dogmatische und montanistische Schriften.

Unless otherwise indicated, details are from Quasten's Patrology, 2 (1955).

Tertullian has left us 31 extant treatises, all in Latin.

There are also a number of lost works, and a number of spurious works which have passed under his name at one time or another.

Tertullian points out that it is unbelievers, not Christians, who have something to be ashamed of. You may feel you ought to run the Christians out of town, but if you do, you'll wreck the province.

And our God tells us we ought to warn you that it's rather risky putting the boot into His children, as some of your predecessors found out - not as a threat, but because we love even our enemies. Catalan: [Various], Tertuliano: Sobre el baptisme i altres escrits.

Torino: Unione Tipografica Editrice Torinese (1999).

Contains 5 works (Cult., Marc., Res., Prax., Pud.).

Adversus Praxean (Against Praxeas) Scorpiace (Antidote to the Gnostics) Some heretics had suggested that maybe it was OK to swear to the pagan gods, if that allowed you to avoid being thrown to the lions.

To the persecuted Christian, this suggestion is simply an attempt to undermine their will to hold onto their faith. De idololatria (On idolatry) How to live as a Christian in a world based around totally different principles.

Sallmann (Ed.), Handbuch der Lateinischen Literatur der Antike, Vol.