Heiden prestige single watch winder

Instead of a regulated turning, cheap winders will just spin the watch in one direction causing the watch mechanism to become stressed and worn which will ultimately damage the watch.

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These winders low quality, made of cheap wood, metal or plastic and have a very basic motor attached.

There is no electronic circuitry to control the motor and the effect of this over time produces unregulated stress on the watch which can cause damage to the movement of the watch, as well as unnecessary wear on the moving mechanism.

Heiden watch winders are as flawless as the premium timepieces you own.

The simple answer is of course very easy however there is an exacting science behind a device to which you entrust the care of a beautiful and often expensive watch.

Many will even have the capability to be set at a particular number of turns each day.

Yet others will have a daily repeat setting which you can select as part of a pre-set schedule and some might have more than one turntable.

Knowing and understanding these features can help you to make an informed buying decision.

Cheap watch winders are flooding the market, however they can easily degrade an expensive watch.

That’s why the best watch winders can be a lifesaver.

A watch winder is a useful tool which can ensure that you watch stays wound longer and is easier to deal with.

Heiden watch winders work with all types of automatic watches including Rolex, Breitling and Omega.