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If the spouses have not regulated the divorce consequences in advance or the previously made agreement does not fit ​​to the current situation, an amicable divorce can considerably shorten a long, expensive and nerve-sapping litigation.However, this requires a notarized divorce agreement.

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Pension rights acquired during the marriage have to be split between husband and wife equally upon a divorce.

Such pension splitting is complete separate issues and will not be mingled with matrimonial property rights.

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In a counseling session the notary will – according to the client‘s marriage modell - demonstrate the suitable variations and modifications.

At the same time I am also taking into account the limits for the freedom of contract created by the legislation and the jurisdiction of the federal high court of justice (BGH).Given the diversity of today’s marriage models, the statutory law rarely reflects the ideas of the spouses.Therefore, it is almost always advisable to check before or after a marriage with a civil law notary on the possibilities of a marriage contract (pre- or postnuptial agreement).Therefore, it is even more recommended to conclude agreements concerning the legal issues of cohabitation and the consequences of a possible separation.This is especially necessary, if children emerge from the joint relationship or major purchases, such as a self-occupied real property, are made together.Seit fast anderthalb Jahren datet die bisexuelle Psychologie-Studentin im Internet. Sie sucht nach Menschen, denen sie offline so schnell nicht begegnen würde.